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We implement sophisticated technology and digital tools from our Event Technology ToolBox, to provide solutions and services. Utilising refined techniques SQUID Events enhance the Event experience, for everyone.

Our software platforms and mobile application solutions ensure that whenever people gather in numbers, for business or pleasure, they receive a memorable experience, while reducing the workload and stress of the organiser and your Event management team.

Whether you're an Event planner, or business looking to organise and improve their next internal strategy session, we will add value and augment your next Event, while providing valuable insight into behaviour.


We create “Event Envy”, by making your next event so awesome, that your last event will feel jealous.

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Branded Mobile app for your Event

Our technology helps you engage your audience creating a more immersive and diverse experience for everybody.

Before, during and after the event relevant static and interactive content can be made available within the app. 

Creating your sustainable competitive advantage. Go completely paper free and offer your lead app sponsors new digital advertising real estate directly on all the attendees mobile device.

Event Tracking - wifi & beacon networks

With our cutting edge technology we can help you understand event attendee behaviour – how they arrive , where they go, dwell time and time spent at an event is key to be able to not only improve experiences, drive strategic decisions, enable value-added services but also enable us to answer business questions. 

Speaker Management app (staff) 

This allows your staff to manage speakers pre, during and post their key presentations to attendees.  We digitally enable the checking in process to be brought on line, to all staff, in real time, so important processes such as arrival, authorisation for use of content,  and the pre speech run through can be confirmed and logged through the speaker management application.

VIP APP (Concierge use)

This application via iPad allows your event staff to locate and assist your VIPs, while at the event. With secure logins and features such as real-time flight information, this solution is sure to enhance their experience means that you will exceed their expectations, your ROI and increase the rebooking for further events.

Corporate & Charity Golf Event Platform

Significantly reduce the effort required to set up a corporate or charity golf event, by streamlining the organisation and execution of corporate & charity golf days. Enhance your golf events and add value to your clients, while reducing the organisational effort involved. 

Data Analysis

Collecting and assessing data helps you understand the success of your event, by measuring your key metrics. We can provide data analysis services or provide you with assistance and resource for you to manage this process and data assessment. 

Event Registration and Management

Streamline your current event processes, booking, payments, registration and event management with Technology.

Create a great Event, Conference, Association Meeting or Company Training Sessions to ensure that your attendees, exhibitors and volunteers can register quickly and easily.  Sell goods, tickets, booths, merchandise, meals and virtually anything else.

Print & Promotional marketing

SQUID Events also offer physical marketing items, to supplement our technology offerings and ensure your event is a success.  From business cards to banners, magazines to marquees, posters to company-branded caps, we can provide the right marketing materials to engage your audience and enhance your event.

Online Meeting Tool

We provide on line tools to enable VIPs and sponsors to search for individuals and companies to meet and then invite and book appropriate meeting rooms. Manage your event meetings with clients and potential leads, allowing scheduling, tracking management and availability with notifications built into the solution.

Frictionless Event Entry (NFC)

Event entry for attendees and exhibitors can be streamlined through the use of Near field Communication (NFC) technology. Issued in badges & passes to allow an improved customer experience when entering and exiting events and conference centres. 

NFC badges can deliver a range of contactless secure transactional services: from payments to hotel entry, event reservations and exhibition stand use.

Event & Campaign Social Media Marketing

Whether you're focussed at making social media noise for a particular campaign or event, SQUID Events provide the complete service that will successfully develop and market a business  /  brand (both pre and post event). We communicate to the market, increase exposure and visibility, whilst building category authority to reach, engage, and fundamentally convert your target market. 

I have been using SQUID Events since our inception. Each solution we’ve tried has enhanced our events way beyond our expectations. Their service and delivery have been consistently outstanding and diligent.
— H.K


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